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Our aim is to become the world's go-to hub for digital nomads and remote workers, where epic adventures, WiFi passwords, and friendships are shared with love.

Our Values

Empower location independence

Enable people to confidently pursue their location-independent lifestyles through intuitive products and features that provide maximum value and help them get to where they want to go faster.

Built-in wanderlust

Our products and experiences celebrate people’s passion for travel, exploration, and experiencing new cultures. Create digital experiences with tools and resources that inspire real-world adventures.

Foster camaraderie

We aim to nurture a sense of friendship, trust, and support within the community. We care deeply about providing spaces that facilitate strong connections among community members, both online and offline.


We want to encourage responsible travel and practices that minimize the impact on the environment and local communities. Be good humans to other humans.

Value-driven experiences

Every interaction must enrich the lives of our community members and enhance their location-independent journey.

Who is behind Nomity?

Nomity Founder Matt Hallowes standing outside Viru Gate in Tallinn Old Town, Estonia
Nomity Founder Matt Hallowes at Viru Gate in Tallinn Old Town, Estonia🇪🇪

Hey! I'm Matt—the human behind Nomity.

I spent 12 years in the entertainment industry and love creating experiences and connecting people. My goal is to create a community around location independence and wanderlust.

I've found digital nomad communities spend too much time focusing on digital nomadism and "the future of work." 🥱 We are humans, not digital nomads, looking for direction, community, and purpose. ❤️

I've been on a journey to optimize my health and well-being since 2018, and I want to use Nomity to share what I've learned and create experiences that expose others to these essential skills. 💪

I also want people to have fun and connect with others in the real world. Nomity is a conduit to making that happen through events, retreats, and meetups designed to improve your lifestyle and make meaningful connections with like-minded location-independent enthusiasts.