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Visa Details

Official Website and Apply Online:

  • πŸ“† Duration: 6 months with the option to renew.
  • πŸ’΅ Visa Fee:
    • Individuals: USD 263
    • Families: USD 263 per person
  • ⏱️ Application processing: 4 weeks
  • πŸ’° Income requirements: No minimum income requirements.
  • πŸ›‚ Eligibility: Foreign nationals who are self-employed or employed by a company outside Bermuda.
  • 🏦 Taxes: Tax exempt for the first 183 days in a 365-day period.
  • 🧾 Background checks: Must provide evidence of a clean criminal record.
  • πŸ₯ Health insurance: Travel health insurance is requiredβ€”we recommend Safety Wing.
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Bermuda's Work from Bermuda Visa

city buildings near body of water under blue sky during daytime
Front Street Bermuda Photo by Kino

Bermuda's Work from Bermuda visa allows remote workers and freelancers to live and work in the country for up to 12 months. The application process is straightforward, requiring proof of employment or student enrollment, valid health insurance, a clean criminal record, and no minimum income requirement.

While there is no minimum income requirement, you should consider Bermuda's high cost of living, ensuring you plan and budget accordingly. The online application is straightforward and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, with approval taking five business days.

houses near sea during daytime
Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, Bermuda Photo by Sandra Seitamaa

Bermuda offers an excellent infrastructure for digital nomads, with high-speed internet and comprehensive 4G coverage. Three coworking spaces in the capital, Hamilton, cater to remote work needs.

The island's vibrant lifestyle offers activities from beach exploration to sailing and immersing in the local cuisine and culture. Bermuda's rich history and natural beauty make it an attractive destination for those seeking work/life balance in a tropical island setting.

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