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While there is no co-working space in Phu Quoc, new coffee shops are opening every month. I made it my mission to find the best coffee shops to work from in Phu Quoc.

You'll find most coffee shops catering to the needs of remote workers in Duong Dong, south of the city center. This is also where you'll find most of the hotels, hostels and Airbnbs in Phu Quoc. As you head north and south of the city center, Phu Quoc caters more for holidaymakers rather than remote workers.

There are some excellent coffee shops in Ong Lang and down south of Duong Dong to An Thoi, but most are open-air setups with little or no plug points to charge your devices.

What Makes a Good Coffee Shop Workspace?

Before we get into my recommendations, I wanted to let you know how I chose my best coffee shops in Phu Quoc. Selecting a workspace is subjective. What I dislike might be something you prefer. So, I thought by explaining my reasons, you can decide for yourself.

The most important thing for me is comfort. I look for a coffee shop that I can sit in for hours. The seating has to be comfortable, but I also consider aircon, music, WiFi speed, menu prices, and how busy it gets.

For each coffee shop, I have added a brief overview to give you a snapshot of what to expect.

I've used a simple scoring system where one is the lowest and ten is the highest score. When it comes to prices, one would be overpriced or expensive, while ten would be excellent value for money.

I checked WiFi speed using in December 2019 with NordVPN. Find out why I use a VPN when traveling.

Tarapaca Cafe - South Duong Dong

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Google Maps locaion for Tarapaca Cafe

Comfort - 8 - Plush seating with plenty of options. Plenty of plug points, but there are some places where power isn't accessible.

Aircon - 10 - Climate is perfect, in my opinion.

Music - 5 - Mostly lounge/jazz with some Vietnamese pop. Never too loud but at the right volume, so you can't hear others talking around you.

WiFi Speed - Download 27 Mbps | Upload 9 Mbps.

Menu & Prices - 6 - Lots of drinks on offer but almost no food options. A ham, cheese and tomato sandwich is all that's on offer. Expect to pay a little under $2 for a coffee.

Trading Hours - 07:00 to 23:00 Everyday

Tarapaca Cafe is one of my favorite places to work from in Phu Quoc. The decor is modern and trendy, with lots of plants to add a homely touch. The seating is comfortable, and it's a pleasant environment to spend the whole day working if necessary.

Chuồn Chuồn (Chuon Chuon) Bistro & Bar

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Google Maps location for Chuon Chuon

Comfort - 8 - You'll find just about every type of seating. All come with an incredible view of the ocean and city. There are plug points throughout the venue.

Aircon - 7 - Mostly open-air, but because you're high up, there is a cool breeze. Aircon is available inside.

Music - 8 - Light background music. Mostly pop.

WiFi Speed - Download 14 Mbps | Upload 31 Mbps.

Menu & Prices - 8 - Good selection of drinks from coffees to cocktails and even mocktails for those non-drinkers. The food menu consists of a Vietnamese bistro fusion at reasonable prices.

Trading Hours - 07:30 to 22:30 Everyday

If you're looking for an inspiring workspace in Phu Quoc, then Chuon Chuon Bistro & Bar is the winner hands down. You can enjoy panoramic views while hacking away at the keyboard. If you're still around in the afternoon, you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail while you watch the sunset over the ocean.

The views are breathtaking, giving you a new perspective and love for Phu Quoc. You're up high on a hill away from the noisy main road. There is some light background music, but you also hear the sounds of nature and the wind blowing through the trees.

24 Coffee & Tea - Duong Dong City

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Google Maps location for 24 Coffee & Tea

Comfort - 7 - You'll find just about every type of seating from high chairs to sofas. Getting to a plug point can be an issue if the coffee shop is full.

Aircon - 7 - Climate is a little warm but not uncomfortable, especially in the afternoon when the sun is shining directly into the cafe.

Music - 10 - Light background music.

WiFi Speed - Download 28 Mbps | Upload 11 Mbps.

Menu & Prices - 4 - Lots of drinks on offer but no food options. Expect to pay over $2 for a coffee. 24 Coffee & Tea is a little more expensive than other coffee shops in Phu Quoc.

Trading Hours - 06:00 to 23:00 Everyday

Another favorite of mine is 24 Coffee & Tea on the southern side of the Nguyen Trung Truc Bridge into Duong Dong City Center. With its four stories, 24 Coffee & Tea is almost like four coffee shops in one.

The top floor offers incredible views of Phu Quoc City and the harbor. Like Tarapaca, there are plenty of plants and greeny in 24 Coffee & Tea.

Anba Coffee - South Duong Dong

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Google Maps location for Anba Coffee

Comfort - 8 - Closed off room, especially for co-working.

Aircon - 10 - Climate is perfect, in my opinion. You can also sit outside on milder days.

Music - 10 - Light background music or no music in the co-working area.

WiFi Speed - Download 22 Mbps | Upload 11 Mbps.

Menu & Prices - 9 - Wide selection of food and drinks. Prices are better than most places in Phu Quoc.

Trading Hours - 07:00 to 21:30 Everyday

Anba Coffee in Đường Trần Hưng Đạo Road is the closest you're going to come to a co-working environment in Phu Quoc. Anba is a Vietnamese chain, similar to Starbucks but with a bigger food menu.

The restaurant is big, offering plenty of seating options from the garden, terrace, and even indoors. The co-working space at Anba feels a bit like a wine cellar with stone walls, wooden ceiling, and rustic furniture. It's an inspiring environment to work, sure to get those creative juices flowing.

WoodHouse Coffee

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Google Maps location for WoodHouse Coffee

Comfort - 6 - Mostly wooden benches.

Aircon - 6 - Open restaurant with fans.

Music - 6 - Asian style instrumental background music. A little loud for my liking bit too intrusive.

WiFi Speed - Download 36 Mbps | Upload 5 Mbps.

Menu & Prices - 7 - Good selection of drinks. Several breakfast options. Prices are the cheapest I have found on Phu Quoc.

Trading Hours - 06:30 to 23:30 Everyday

WoodHouse Coffee is an excellent workspace if you're looking for something cheap. There is only one long bench suitable for setting up the laptop, but I found working here comfortable enough.

The best thing about WoodHouse Coffee is the prices. Everything is cheap, so you won't be burning too much cash on those delicious coconut coffees. At most places in Phu Quoc, a coconut coffee is anywhere from 60k to 100k while at WoodHouse Coffee, it's only 40k.

As the coffee shop has an open storefront and it's right on the main road, you do get a lot of traffic noise. Nothing a pair of headphones, and your favorite tunes or podcast can't fix.

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