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Visa Details

Official Website and Apply Online:

  • πŸ“† Duration: 1 year, with the option to renew.
  • πŸ’΅ Visa Fee: vary depending on your application circumstances. See the 'COSTS' section on the Republic of Croatia Ministry of the Interior website.
    • VFS application: EUR 93
    • Biometrics: EUR 41.14
  • ⏱️ Application processing: 2–3 weeks
  • πŸ’° Income requirements:
    • Individual: USD 30,435 annual income
    • Per dependent: 10% of USD 30,435 per person
  • πŸ›‚ Eligibility: Foreign nationals who are self-employed or employed by a company outside Croatia.
  • 🏦 Taxes: Tax exempt.
  • 🧾 Background checks: Must provide evidence of a clean criminal record.
  • πŸ₯ Health insurance: Travel health insurance is requiredβ€”we recommend Safety Wing.
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Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

red and white boat on body of water during daytime
Split, Croatia. Photo by mana5280

Croatia's Digital Nomad Visa program gives foreigners one year in the country with the option to renew. The program also offers residency opportunities once the digital nomad visa expires.

Eligible applicants must provide:

  • A passport.
  • Proof of employment or business ownership outside Croatia.
  • Travel insurance.
  • A clear criminal background check.
  • A 12-month bank statement showing proof of a USD 30,435 annual income.

Croatia's stunning Adriatic coastline, medieval cities, and many islands have become an increasingly popular destination for digital nomads. Renowned for its safety, affordability, and vacation-like lifestyle, Croatia offers an appealing work/life balance that resonates with many remote workers.

a woman sitting on a bench in front of a stone arch
Pula, Croatia. Photo by Nick Kane

Croatia ranks 14th on the Global Peace Index, making it one of the safest countries worldwide. The low cost of living and high-quality lifestyle make it an ideal spot for those seeking a balance between work and leisure in a beautiful European setting.

Croatia's strategic location in Southern Europe and its Mediterranean climate make it a perfect year-round destination. The country's affordability is a significant draw, offering a high quality of life at a lower cost than other parts of Europe.

green-colored lakes surrounded by waterfalls with wooden walkway over the water
Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. Photo by Peter Jan Rijpkema

Digital nomads can enjoy over 1,200 islands along a Mediterranean coastline with pristine beaches and clear blue waters. Choose from various options, including Airbnb, hotels, villas, and hostels. Digital nomad hotspots include Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Split.

The country's well-developed internet infrastructure ensures reliable connectivity, essential for remote work. Additionally, Croatia's membership in the European Union adds to its appeal, providing more trade and financial opportunities for those looking to grow their businesses.

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