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Of all the places to visit in Vietnam, Hoi An is one of my favorites.

This old Vietnamese city has a magical aura that'll leave you wanting more.

I first visited Hoi An in September 2018. I was only going to stay a week and ended up staying six! Since then, I have returned several times and still can't get enough.

Most travelers I met only spent a few nights in Hoi An. Ancient Town is always top of their list (as it should be), and then one or two other sights and they catch a sleeper bus or flight to their next destination.

But to truly appreciate the city, you have to spend at least a week to soak up the romanticism of this unique Vietnamese city.

Just sitting on the pavement outside a coffee shop in Hoi An's Ancient Town is an experience in itself.

The sounds of traders conversing in Vietnamese, the odd bicycle bell chime, lanterns swaying in the breeze overhead, food smells infused with insense, and the hustle and bustle of people walking the narrow streets. At the same time, you enjoy a slow cup of coffee, soaking it all in.

That simple experience you won't get anywhere else on the planet.  And it's why I love to spend time in Hoi An.

Here are seven more reasons why you'll love Hoi An too.