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Sao Beach, or Bai Sao, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc, if not Vietnam.

If you're looking for the stereotypical island beach with white sand, blue water, beach loungers, bars, and sipping on coconuts, then Sao Beach is just the place!

Sun loungers on Sao Beach facing the water with a wooden swing
Sao Beach, Phu Quoc - May 2020

There are loads of bars and restaurants on Sao Beach, so it's a perfect place to hang out, catch a tan, swim, and enjoy the Phu Quoc sunshine.

Where is Sao Beach?

Sao Beach lies just northeast of An Thoi, Phu Quoc's second-biggest city on its southern end.

Google Maps location of Sao Beach
Google Maps location of Sao Beach - Source: Google Maps

The beach is one bay over from the exclusive Kem Beach, also known as Emerald Bay, home to many of Phu Quoc's most luxurious hotels.

How to get to Sao Beach

There is a lot of accommodation near Sao Beach. So, if you wanted to spend a few nights on the southern end of Phu Quoc, then getting to Sao Beach would likely take less than 5-10 mins on a scooter.

There is plenty of free parking at Sao Beach with three different access points.

If you're staying near Duong Dong, the airport, or Ong Lang, you're looking at 30 minutes to an hour by scooter or taxi.

There are also daily tour buses heading down to Sao Beach, which you can book through your hotel or the many travel agents in Duong Dong and Ong Lang.

Ong Lang to Sao Beach
21.1 miles / 34 km - approximately 50 minutes by scooter or taxi.
Ong Lang to Sao Beach Google Maps directions

Duong Dong to Sao Beach
17.4 miles / 28 km - approximately 40 - 45 minutes by scooter or taxi.
Duong Dong to Sao Beach Google Maps directions

Phu Quoc Airport to Sao Beach
11.20 miles / 18 km - approximately 30 minutes by scooter or taxi.
Phu Quoc Airport to Sao Beach Google Maps directions

Duong Bao (Novatel/Sailing Club) to Sao Beach
9.3 miles / 14 km - approximately 25 minutes by scooter or taxi.
Duong Bao to Sao Beach Google Maps directions

An Thoi (Phu Quoc Cable Car) to Sao Beach
4.1 miles / 6.7 km - approximately 10 minutes by scooter or taxi.
An Thoi to Starfish Beach Google Maps directions

Best Time to Visit Sao Beach

The best time to visit Sao Beach is in the morning. If you're willing to get up early and be at the beach before 9 am, you'll be rewarded with a lounger in a prime location.

After 10 am, the tour buses arrive, and Sao Beach is busy until early evening.

Sunrise Sao Beach

If you are eager enough to get up early, Sao Beach is one of the best places to watch a Phu Quoc sunrise. I have never seen a sunrise from Sao Beach, but ex-pats and locals tell me it's beautiful. It can be cloudy in the south in the morning, so check the weather the night before.

Sao Beach Food

There are several restaurants on Sao Beach, mostly serving Vietnamese dishes, beers, and fresh coconuts. The restaurants own most of the loungers, so you can usually eat right on the beach.

There are many loungers all along Sao Beach, and most have an umbrella to shield from the sun, but you will have to pay a rental fee. Prices range from 100k - 200k VND ($USD 4 - 8) depending on where you choose to sit.

Sun loungers and swing at Sao Beach May 2020
Sao Beach May 2020

Things to do on Sao Beach

Matt Hallowes on a Sao Beach swing
There are about 6-8 swings on Sao Beach

If you're looking for some excitement, there several water activities available on Sao Beach. Jet skiing, parasailing, water skiing, and a banana boat are all on the menu. Snorkeling equipment is also available for hire.

Sao Beach December 2019 with banana boat and jet ski
Sao Beach December 2019

Sao Beach Watersports Prices

Jet Ski: 10 minutes 450k (USD$ 19.50)
Jet Ski: 20 minutes 800k (USD$ 34.50)
Parasailing (1 person): 500k (USD$ 22.50)
Parasailing (2 persons): 900k (USD$ 39)
Banana Boat: 10 minutes 700k (USD$ 30)

Jet ski and boat on Sao Beach May 2020
Sao Beach May 2020

Where to Stay Near Sao Beach

There is a lot to do in the south of Phu Quoc, so staying near Sao Beach isn't a bad idea. In and around An Thoi is the best place to start looking for places to stay near Sao Beach.

I've found usually has the best rates for Phu Quoc.

Cheap Accommodation Near Sao Beach

If you are looking for cheap accommodation in An Thoi, I highly recommend Phu Nam House. It's a unique property with rave reviews, and a dorm room will cost around $4 per night.

If you prefer a private room in An Thoi, expect to pay upwards of $12 per night, with the average being around $20-$30 per night.

Luxury Accommodation near Sao Beach

Just south of Sao Beach is the prestigious Emerald Bay, home to several 5* luxury hotels, including the famous JW Marriot Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort and Spa.

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